A massive treatise of sorts, drawn up at that beautiful stage when you're still entirely confused because you're faced with the total situation, but know that there is something awesome afoot.

In terms of my own practice this book has been one of the most important things I've made. Everything I have made after it so far has been trying to describe or express some aspect of it. Many aspects of my master thesis relate back to this work.

The texts referenced here are specifically either David Bohm/BJ Hiley or a handful of researchers into consciousness studies. Not all of the latter kind of texts are useful anymore, or even make a coherent point in the "argument." It was produced very quickly under lots of pressure and input from lots of sources, and I use it like an experimental result.

Formally, we have here my attemps to degrade images with analog and digital processes. Lots of photocopying, digital artifacts, photographs of the screen, scans of slide film, blatant rip-offs, etc. It was also the first time I had used Photoshop extensively for image-making. All of the images at the end are slide photographs of laser print outs. Very low-res.

Originally intended to be a slide projection, I find it works better digitally. Especially since it's five slides too long for a Kodak Carousel. I did, however, like the time constraint the carousel provides.

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Views of the original slide exhibition, December 2007 at Gallery Rotor in Göteborg, Sweden. I have not displayed this work since but would like to.
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