"Collection and Dissolution" is my master's thesis in Fine Arts from 2009. It is an attempt to deal with the contradiction of writing about your own art. Instead I ended up writing about the creative process and how I think it works, supported by the idea of active information.

This spiralled out into a much more broad and loose discussion, sticking to long-held interests in quantum mechanics and the limitations of consciousness. I have some research in here but it is not like most fine arts discussions; most of my sources are from the field of science and science journalism. In retrospect I am not happy with all of the sources anymore, but that is not important.

I have laid out my argument pretty straight here, propped up by big block quotes.
The emotional meaning of the work is not discussed, as I thought it would be inappropriate to bring it out to the open, given the subject matter.

There are also detailed descriptions of my two thesis artworks: "The Silence in Between" and the noise music performance project "You Are Dissolved."

Dr. David Crawford, my supervisor on this project, died in November 2009. He was a huge inspiration and pushed me in the right direction to go as far with this text as I did. He is sorely missed.

You can read the abstract and the entire document over at Scribd or just look at it here: